Today is the first day of this new website! We hope that you find a multitude of useful information here. Please take a look around.

Don't forget to please, please, please donate to the city of Tuscaloosa, Alabama in some way!

We look forward to serving you as a primary source of information on donating to Tuscaloosa.


Our website is up and running for everyone to use to find housing while they are in transition from the natural disasters. The web site is http://disasterhousingsearch.org and anyone that has housing to offer can register and anyone that is looking for housing can search. There are all kinds of listings for every area of our country. We currently have 23 listings for Alabama and are expecting alot more. Our press release will be out tomorrow, but I know your concert is tonight. Please feel free to advertise the web site and it is free to search and post. Americans helping Americans. God Bless and our hearts are with you all! Love, Beth Donahue


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